Navarro County
Dirt  Depot 
Gravel Sand and Stone

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday   8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday                 8:00am - Noon
Sunday                    Closed
Weekend Deliveries Available
Phone: 903-654-9801
Residential & Commercial

Driveway and Parking

We will build a personlized driveway or parking area to meet your specific needs. We will prepare the surface, cover with barrier cloth, apply a granite or limestone base and dress with a top layer of decorative stone. Driveways or parking areas can be edged with metal, timber, stone or concrete.

Weed Barrier and Surface Control

Navarro County Dirt Depot will prepare the soil, apply cushion sand to smooth and level, heavy duty weed barrier cloth to eliminate growth and top with customer spec'd stone to provide a stable work surface and controlled environment.

House and Building Demolition

Navarro County Dirt Depot can remove unwanted structures from your lot or property. We have our demolition license from the City of Corsicana. We will secure a permit, prepare the site by working with utility companies to get service terminated or suspended.  We will demo the unwanted structures and remove all debris from the property.

Dump Truck and Hauling Services

Navarro County Dirt Depot will provide dump truck and hauling services to meet your individual needs. If you need it hauled we can do it.